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Despina Alves

Licensed Master Esthetician & Acne Specialist

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I consider myself a skin nerd and love to provide complimentary product consultations to explain why or why not your current routine is suited to your unique skin. I understand how ingredients work together and the impact they have.

I am also an acne specialist who prioritizes getting all of my clients off of any prescriptions medications in replacement for safer at-home skin care routines.


Waiting Area

Skin in my opinion is a vulnerable subject. I've spent years working in commercial spaces where I felt clients were never truly able to open up about skin insecurities. Not only has it been very important for me to create a safe space for all my clients but I also wanted to create a space that my clients would call their second home.


Treatment Room

Skincare can seem quite intimidating. In creating a space my goal was to create a cozy single room with one on one attention including the best knowledge for your skin needs. So when entering Boston Microneedling please feel free to kick off shoes make a coffee and enjoy the experience!

Areas of Expertise

  • Microneedling (Line & Spot Reduction)

  • Acne Treatments

  • Dermaplaning

  • Volume Lashes

  • Classic Lashes

  • Lash Lifts & Tints

  • Personalized Skin Programs

  • Facial Waxing

  • Plasma Pen Treatment

  • Peels

  • LED Light Therapy

  • MyoLift

  • Customized Facials

I believe that everyone should feel confident in their own skin. My philosophy on skincare is anchored in unveiling your skin's most beautiful potential through tried and true techniques. That is precisely why she specializes in Microneedling, a proven method which invites the skin to generate a natural collagen response, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

In partnership with your skin's unique qualities, budget, lifestyle and goals, I will create individual plans that ensure that my clients reach their goals. My expertise, along with my non-judgmental, nurturing style make me a true partner in bringing out the best in your skin. 

Get In Touch

It's never too late to get healthy beautiful skin! The best time to start the journey is always now. Together we will develop a routine that ensures that you reach your skin care goals. No matter what your budget is I will help you get the results you want, we are in this together!

Based in Boston, but can provide skin care consultations via video calls anywhere in the world!


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