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Where beauty meets science!

Despina's passion for esthetics and years of experience have inspired her to create a hand-formulated, medical-grade cosmetic line designed for all skin types, ensuring a radiant and healthy glow for everyone. Discover the perfect blend of science and beauty with Despina's innovative approach to skincare.

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BeeLuxe Serum

Unleash The Power of Nature

Harnessing the innovative potential of Honey Bee Defensin-1, BEELUXE Serum goes beyond the ordinary to protect, restore, and rejuvenate your skin. This unique combination of growth factors and lipids amplifies the serum's efficacy, ensuring that you experience visible and long-lasting results.

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It's never too late to get healthy beautiful skin! The best time to start the journey is always now. Together we will develop a routine that ensures that you reach your skin care goals. No matter what your budget is I will help you get the results you want, we are in this together!

Based in Boston, but can provide skin care consultations via video calls anywhere in the world!


28 Gould Street Reading MA, 01867

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