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Nourishing Moisture Crème (50ml)

Nourishing Moisture Crème by Boston Microneedling is an exceptional skincare product designed to provide your skin with intense hydration and rejuvenation. This enriched moisturizer is formulated with a powerful combination of squalene, vitamin E, and red algae peptides to deliver remarkable benefits to your skin.


With its lavishly textured consistency, this hydrating cream indulges your senses while effectively replenishing moisture and restoring suppleness to your skin. The potent antioxidant formulation helps combat free radicals, protecting your skin from environmental stressors and promoting a youthful complexion.


One of the key featured ingredients in this nourishing crème is the Algae Firming Peptides derived from Hawaiian Red Sea Extract. These peptides have been carefully laboratory reproduced to provide intense hydration and assist in rebuilding collagen within the dermis. As a result, your skin gains firmness, elasticity, and a more youthful appearance.


Squalene, another essential ingredient, is a natural moisture source found in human sebum and various other ingredients such as Olive Leaf Extract and Wheat Germ Oil. It is renowned for its exceptional healing qualities, promoting skin regeneration and nourishment.


The inclusion of Glycerin in this formulation acts as a humectant and emollient. It works by attracting and absorbing moisture from the air, thereby helping your skin retain hydration and maintaining a healthy moisture balance.


Wheat Germ Oil, in its organic state, is the richest source of natural vitamin E, which further enhances the nourishing properties of this crème. It helps soothe and protect your skin, promoting a smooth and radiant compl